Thursday, March 3, 2011


Don't worry.
I'm not dead. School has been consuming my life.

Here are a couple photos I took today.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


So in two of my photography classes this semester, we were told that we were going to be doing photographer presentations.
Basically, we will be researching a photographer and then teaching our classmates about the photographer, and not just writing a paper for our teachers to read. I really like this because we will be able to learn more about photographers that we would mostly skip right over, or probably never even hear of.

When I chose my photographer, I had to have it okay'ed by both of my professors. To say the least they were both shocked but excited at the same time to hear I wanted to do my presentation on the Photographer Joel-Peter Witkin.

Now I'm not going to go into detail about him here, because I already have to do a homework assignment on him, and just don't feel like doing twice the amount of homework haha!

Basically, his work is very very VERY VERY macabre..... So if you have a weak stomach... or cannot handle gruesome imagery with nudes, and bodily disorders and dysfunctions.... then just back away. very very slowly. 

If you are like me, and can see past all of that to the beauty within, then make sure to check out the photographs called 
"The Kiss"

love love love

And before you run your curious little booty's off to check out his amazing work... take these two things into consideration.

1. Witkin's images do not merely shock, they enlighten, If only by forcing us to embrace what we would rather leave unexamined.

2. “When people see my work, there is no ‘gray area’ of response. What they experience is either love or hate. People who hate what I make hate me, too. They must think I am a demon or some kind of evil sorcerer. Those who understand what I do, appreciate the determination, love and courage it takes to find wonder and beauty in people who are considered by society to be damaged, unclean, dysfunctional or wretched. My art is the way I perceive and define life. It is sacred work, since what I make are my prayers. These works are the measure of my character, the transfiguration of love and desire, and finally, the quality of my soul. With this work, I am judged by myself, by my contemporaries, and finally, by God. My life and work are inseparable. It is all I have. It is all I need.”
-       Joel-Peter Witkin, 1990

and finally

3. “I consider myself a portraitist not of people, but of conditions of being… My hope is not only to show the insanity of our lives, but also that this work will be seen as a part of the history of diverse and desperate times.”
- Joel-Peter Witkin

Let me know your thoughts if you actually look him up!! :)

Friday, September 17, 2010

A man of many faces...

I would like to call your attention to an extremely PHENOMENAL actor.
One who is well known, but not as well known as I believe he should be.

Yes, yes.. He is attractive. ...... VERY  attractive.... But that is not the only attribute that he has which makes him an amazing actor.

And this amazing man is........

Gerard Butler

Why hellooooo.
Okay so enough of the ooo aaa section.

This guy really is an amazing actor. He can play EVERY roll, and play it perfectly.
For example.

Phantom of the Opera - c. 2004
Made everyone fall in love with his secretive, brooding and still handsome self.
Not to mention his voice made me melt at the knees.
He played this part to perfection... It seriously could not have been played better.
Trust me.
I saw the actual Broadway showing....
Broadway Phantom has NOTHING on Movie Phantom.....

But then he transformed from a mysterious and sexy Phantom to........

300 - c. 2006

Holy crap. Hottest. Gladiator. EVER....
Honestly though. An actor that can go from an Operatic part.... to an old school action part..
has to be amazing.
Also... His body in this movie... yeahhh girls you should see this movie just for that.
Cause it's awesome.

But then he astounds us again with his ability to play any part possible when he appears in this next movie....

P.S. I Love You - c. 2007
I mean seriously?
From blood thirsty Gladiator to the most romantic and funny man in the world.
I would be lying if i said this movie didn't make me cry.
Cause it does.
For the whole movie.
No joke.
But he plays this part so perfectly, does an Irish accent so perfectly, that it is so hard not to fall in love with him. I know I sure did.

Then he astounds us again when he plays a hilarious roll in

SO SO funny.
Plays the part of a player perfectly.

However there is one thing I would have changed in the movie.....

Ahh there we go! Now it's perfect :)


THEN came another movie... very unlike the wrest...

Law Abiding Citizen - c. 2009

BEST evil guy EVERRR
Okay so normally I am the person who always cheers for the good guy and gets excited when the bad guy loses,
But in this movie... I was totally rooting for the bad guy.
(in case you haven't seen it.. which you should...)
When he dies at the end... man o man. 
I was in tears.
No joke. I wanted the bad guy to win so bad because Gerard Butler played the character so well, it made me fall in love with him....

Also.. you get to see his tooshie.....


All in all... Gerard Butler is amazing.
Go watch his movies.

The end.

Monday, August 16, 2010

So I have finally decided that I have something to write about!! Pretty much it is just two facts about me that I have not addressed in any of my posts, which is funny because these two facts are very large parts of my personality!!

And now, two more facts about Arlyn!!

First I would like to say that I have an extreme nerd side to me. I LOVE Indiana Jones. 
Like a little too much.... I plan on being him for Halloween!!
I also love love Star Wars. I literally grew up on those movies the same way I grew up with Indiana Jones. I can remember being really little, up at our cabin up north, and choosing a VHS to watch to occupy myself and I would always go for Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark, Star Wars Episode IV or V over any of the Disney movies.
I grew up fighting aborigines in the jungle while they shot poison darts at me...
I grew up trying to find an ancient chest that has magical powers.
I grew up hanging around with Droids and riding Tauntauns
I grew up playing with my Light Saber and having Darth Vader reveal to me that he is my father...

I have a secret crush on all nerds. I am not ashamed to say that. 
Heck I am in love with the character Sheldon from the show The Big Bang Theory.... 
I am a nerd myself.
I want to go to Comic-Con!

Heck... I AM going to Comic-Con!!! Summer 2011!!
SO excited!!! :)

And you know what else?? I am totally cool with people thinking I'm weird for liking all this "nerd" stuff... So long as it makes ME happy... Can't be too bad right?!

Yep. That's what I thought.

Fact numero dos.

I am a very very very nervous and jumpy person. I honestly don't know why. 
I have loads of fears. 
One, for example, I have JUST taken apart my metal bed frame because it is super squeaky and makes loads of noise even when i just turn my head.
But now I'm freaked out because i feel like something will grab my feet while I am sleeping.

I am always terrified that they are going to collapse with me driving across them and make me plummet to my certain death.

I have a strange hallway in my room that leads to my closet and door. I glance at it probably once a minute because I am convinced I will see someone standing there. 
I swear i see things out of the corner of my eye!!

I don't like sharp knives because I am afraid I will accidentally drop one and either stab myself on my foot, or drop it on my cat because he's always between my feet when I'm in the kitchen.

I am terrified by heights because I am SURE that I will slip and fall alll the wayyyy downnnnn.

And finally (although I am SURE there are more things that I just can't think of right now)
If there is movement or noise that I am not prepared for.... I nearly pass out.

My mom and friends all know to announce the fact that they are coming in my room prior to even reaching my door because on numerous occasions, I have been made to fall out of my bed, trip over myself and fall, and in one case, nearly swallow a thumb tack.

And no. I'm not joking. I seriously almost swallowed a thumb tack.

but the funny thing is, I love scary movies. and they don't scare me that much! 
Same goes for ghost shows like Ghost Hunters. When something paranormal happens to me at home (which ALWAYS happens when I am home alone...) I like to turn on Ghost Hunters because it makes me feel like I am not the only one that this kind of stuff happens to.
but that's another topic for another time.

Well I guess that's it.
I am a nerd.
I am a scardy cat.

That's me.

Sunday, August 15, 2010


My name is Arlyn and I am a sad excuse for a Blog writer.

Although in my defense.... seriously nothing new is going on.


The only thing that is changing in my life right now is the fact that instead of going to MCC next semester, I am going to ASU. That's about it...

So as soon as I have something interesting to say.... I will come back and say it!!

Adios Amigos

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

These are a few of my favorite things.....

So it's super late at night, 2:04 to be exact, and yet again, i am no where near being tired. 
Seems to always be the case when it comes to me!! I just can't seem to go to sleep at night!! If i wanted to, I could sleep all day. But going to sleep at night? Ha. Yeah right. My body doesn't behave that way. 
This is also another reason I think I was a cat in my past life!
Any way. I thought I would post a list of my most favorite things (of this moment anyway!)

Everything in Red are things that I particularly love A LOT.!
They might be really stupid to some people, or things that other people don't like.
But that's why its MY list!
I can put what ever I want, and no one can say anything about it! :P
Besides, I like the fact that one day I can look back and see everything I loved, and see just how much I have changed over the day.

And now, in no particular order, here are a few of my favorite things <3

1. My amazing parents!!!! (Ma is my role model, and Daddy is my rock)
2. Bagels with cream cheese.
3. A steaming hot cup of coffee.
4. Books that make me laugh on one page, cry on the next, and sit on the edge of my seat with fear on the one after that will always be my favorite.
5. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
6. The Chicago Cubs. (they will always be my Lovable Losers!!! )
7. My Claddagh ring from Ireland
8. Jeans
9. Lollipops
10. Photography (I have loved photography for such a long time. The reason I love it so much, which i have recently discovered, is my pathetic excuse for a memory. I am a very very visual person, and having that visual memory means more to me than words could ever be) (oh ps. This whole "fad" that's going on with photography right now is REALLY bugging me.... Just because you learned how to work photoshop, and discovered how to turn the flash off your camera.... doesn't mean you are a good photographer. There is SO MUCH MORE that goes into it.....)
11. Comforters
12. Washing my hair
13. Putting mascara on.
14. The way my car sounds when I turn it on.
15. Really stupid commercials. they make me laugh!
16. SUPERNATURAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (this one deserves CAPS! Oh boy I love this show..... It contains all of my most favorite things!)
17. Hott boys
18. Old, classic, sexy cars. (1967 Chevy Impala)
19. The paranormal
20. Stuff that cannot be explained.
21. Sitting in my bed on my computer watching tv.
22. The way a bookstore smells.
23. Baseball hats
24. Ireland. (Even though this is not my home country.... Ireland will always hold a huge place in my heart. Not a day goes by that I don't think of it.)
25. Anything Mint flavored.
26. Texting
27. Making my car payments (i know i know.... but i really like it. makes me feel like I'm accomplishing something.)
28. Smiling.
29. My two big cousins, who are more like a Brother and Sister to me, Drew and Lisa.
30. The way it feels when I take my shoes of for the first time that day.
31. Thumb tacks
32. Reading for hours at a time.
33. The color red
34. My wonderful pets..... Buster Kitty.... Sissy Girl..... Buster Boy
35. The sound of little kids laughter.
36. Jensen Ackles
37. James Dean
38. Fans
39. Sex and the City
40.HARRY POTTER!!!!!!! (omg I seriously don't think I could love a book more.... I have been in love with Harry ever since reading the first book when it came out when I was in 4th grade.... Those books will never cease to amaze me...)
41. Tri-pods
42. Negatives
43. The way the darkroom smells
44. My favorite little men in the ENTIRE WORLD who I would do ANYTHING for....J-Man (Justin) and Bubs (Micah!)
45. Mirrored sunglasses
46. All of my wonderful friends... you all know who you are
47. Burt's Bees Beeswax Lip Balm
48. All of the Sherlock Holmes novels
49. Indiana Jones (any and all of the movies!!! oh how I love indie <3)
50. Sleeping in until 1 in the afternoon

.... And those are just a few of my favorite things!!! :)

Monday, May 24, 2010

Spring 2010

Yeah. I know i haven't been on here in for ever. But in my defense, there really hasn't been too much to write about. Nothing has really changed. I still live with ma and dad... I still work for American Eagle (okay so i moved to a different store... but still)....
I still love my cat...

My bestie is still Chelsea...

(yep! She graduated from ASU! hooray! Go Chels!!)

I still love my horsies

I had a 22nd Birthday... it was quite awesome...

And most of all... I still love my absolutely wonderful, amazing, perfect and HANDSOME little Cousins <3
This semester, i did a photographic series depicting my two cousins Justin and Micah interacting at my barn with my horses in Mesa, Arizona. Here is the result!!! let me know what you think!!! (keep in mind that these are digital photographs of real prints... so they are much better quality in person! Promise Honest! and you can click on the pics to see the full size)

See ya later!